Dolly Parton Fandom
A Research Project

1. I am..

2. Age

3. Where are you from?

4. If you’re from the US, are you from one of the southern States?

5. How long have you been a Dolly Fan for?

6. Have you ever seen Dolly in Concert and if yes, how often?

7. Would you say that most of your money goes towards your Dolly fandom?

8. Have you ever met Dolly in person?

9. On a scale of 1-6 (six being the most), how big a part would you say Dolly or Dolly Fandom plays in your everyday life?

10. Did you ever have to or feel like you had to defend your being a fan of Dolly’s to friends or family?

11. Do you think that Dolly is commonly misjudged because of how she looks?

12. Would you describe Dolly as ’authentic’ despite her artificial exterior?

13. Do you consider Dolly to be a feminist/someone to advocate women’s liberation and rights?

14. What do you think describes Dolly best?

15. Which of the following do you think first drew you to Dolly?

16. Is being a Dolly Parton Fan a ’way of life’?

17. Do you think Dolly should be seen as a strong business woman, rather than as a pin-up?

18. In your opinion, do you think press articles put too little focus on Dolly’s personality and humanitarian projects and too much on her appearance?

19. Should Dolly be seen as an icon and role model for women all over the world, rather than as a sexsymbol?

20. Are most of your friends Dolly fans?

21. How much money do you usually spend on Dolly per year?

22. Below is room for any additional comments you may have, you can also email me on I am especially interested in your opinions on Dolly and gender representation.Thank you!